What Is The Salary Of Grade 3 Officer In Pakistan? Guide In 2024

This article will examine “What Is The Salary Of Grade 3 Officer In Pakistan” in 2024 and how it stacks up against salaries in other nations and occupations. Along with these intriguing salary data points, we’ll also look at bonus ranges, experience-based pay scales, median wages, and 25th and 75th percentile incomes!

The information in this article was gathered from a variety of sources, including job advertising that provides wage information, official government salary data, and salary surveys.

The Pakistani rupee is the local currency used for all salary information. Rather than utilizing the currency symbol ₨, we are employing the PKR currency code to keep things simple.

What is the salary of a third officer in Pakistan?

The average annual pay for a third officer employed in Pakistan is approximately 275,200 PKR; however, this figure can vary greatly, with the lowest average salary being approximately 128,900 PKR and the highest average salary being 431,100 PKR.

These are the typical pay and perks for a third officer in Pakistan, which also include housing and transportation. A third officer may also make more or less money than the average salaries displayed above.

The pay for a third officer might vary significantly depending on your gender, area, experience, and skill set. To learn more about each of these topics, continue reading the sections below.

Salary distribution for pakistan’s third officers

We have now examined the typical pay that a third officer in Pakistan will receive. The salary distribution is the next noteworthy piece of information.

1. Pay scales

As we previously knew, the typical salary for a third officer in Pakistan is between 128,900 and 431,100 PKR. In statistics, this is referred to as the range.

Employers and employees can use the difference between the maximum and minimum numbers as a useful measure of salary fluctuation and to determine how much they can anticipate paying, respectively.

2. Median income

In Pakistan, the average pay for a third officer is 282,500 PKR. This is the salary distribution’s middle value.

It may be inferred that around half of the population makes less than 282,500 PKR, and the other half makes more than that amount.

It is a positive sign that you are getting paid well if your income exceeds the median salary.

Your goal should be to improve your income to at least the median salary if you’re not making more than that amount. You can achieve this by asking for a raise in pay or by looking for a job that pays more.

3. The percentiles

Similar to the median wage, the percentiles focus on the values at the top and bottom halves of the distribution rather than the middle value.

In Pakistan, 25% of people make less than 187,300 PKR, while 75% make more than this amount, based on average salaries for third officers. 25% of people make more than 369,300 PKR, while 75% of people make less than 369,300 PKR.

Similar to the median income, you may use the 25th and 75th percentile wages to ascertain which quartile you are in and whether your pay is commensurate with that of others in your field and area.

Pakistani third officer pay by experience level

Beyond the particular occupation, the most significant element influencing your pay is the length of experience you have. It makes sense that a greater salary would follow from more years of experience.

To give you an idea of how the average changes when you work for a specific amount of time, we have looked at the typical third officer income based on years of experience. 0–2 Years of Experience. In Pakistan, a third officer with less than two years of experience might anticipate making between 152,300 and 153,300 PKR.

Two to five years’ experience. After two to five years of experience, a third officer’s average pay would rise to 217,900 Pakistani rupees.

Five to ten years of experience The average compensation for a third officer with five to ten years of service is 288,100 PKR. 10–15 Years of Experience. After ten years of work, the average pay is approximately 351,900 PKR.

Experience of 15 to 20 years. An average salary for a third officer with 15 to 20 years of experience is 375,200 PKR.

More than 20 years of experience. The anticipated average income for a third officer with over 20 years of experience rises to 411,400 PKR.

Pakistani third officer salary by education level

Your education has a significant impact on your earning potential, in addition to your work experience. While a high level of education is necessary for many higher-paid occupations, how much can your compensation increase with a degree?

To determine how much more you can make at each education level, we analyzed the earnings of workers at the same job and career level but with varying degrees of education in our research.

Your location and the job path you select will have a significant impact on the pay you can earn, depending on your degree.

In order to determine whether having more education would result in a higher income, we examined the average salary for a third officer in Pakistan based on the employees’ educational attainment.

A diploma or certificate. In Pakistan, the average income for a third officer with a certificate or diploma is 281,500 PKR. A bachelor’s degree. In Pakistan, the average income for a third officer with a bachelor’s degree is 376,800 PKR.

Comparing third officer wages by gender

We all know that there should never be a pay difference between men and women in the present era. Regrettably, in numerous occupations, there persists to be a notable disparity in pay between men and women performing equivalent tasks.

A third officer who is male in Pakistan will typically make 294,700 PKR, while a third officer who is female will get about 265,000 PKR on average.

This indicates that, for doing the same work, a male third officer makes about 11% more money than a female third officer.

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